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Friday, January 29, 2010

More menswear - MA+, Ann Demeulemeester & DRKSHDW


Have you ever wanted a forest green 2-piece hooded jacket/pants combo by MA+?
Well good, because we have it at consignment! Update: the jacket is SOLD.

The sweater to the right is also by MA+ - its charcoal leather with curved side seams and circular hood. Update: the sweater is SOLD.

Distressed denim jacket by Rick Owens DRKSHDW / Ann Demeulemeester asymmetrical hooded zip-front vest

Both pieces are Ann Demeulemeester - on the left is a button-up vest with subtle stripe detailing, on the right is a soft wool shawl coat

Leather pants by iconic cult brand Carpe Diem - gray leather to the left, and black to the right

A slightly different style of leather pants by Carpe Diem, as well as a slim trouser with slight pin-striping by the same brand. Update: the pants on the right have SOLD.

Rick Owens black waxed jeans

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why haven't you bought this yet?

So we're still at 40% off of Fall/Winter merchandise, and we find ourselves staring at the same gorgeous pieces day after day wondering, "why is this still here?" and then realizing, "hmmm maybe its been too discretely hidden"... so here they are. The top 5 things that would be ridiculous to live without this season!!

1. Cream Balenciaga cropped hooded leather jacket

2. Veronique Branquinho rabbit fur and leather blazer. SOLD

3. Prada camel double breasted coat. SOLD

4. Stella McCartney long sleeved cut out gown (you have to try this one on...)

5. Vintage Comme Des Garcons navy double-layer cut out dress. SOLD

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Please Remember

Limited Selection of Wicked Menswear Arrived...Rick Owens, Number (N)INE, Damir Doma, Gaultier & Galliano...

Both draped cardigans are by Rick Owens. Both SOLD.

Hooded cardigan - Number (N)INE. SOLD

Vest - Number (N)INE / extra long loose knit sweater - Rick Owens (SOLD)

Draped fringe vest - Miharayasuhiro (SOLD)/ Mesh cut out hoodie - Damir Doma (SOLD)

Leather Jacket & Shearling lined Suede Coat - John Varvatos

Fringed Tuxedo Shirt - John Galliano / Pleated Dress Shirt - Gianfranco Ferre (SOLD)

Asymmetrical Pullover - Attachment - SOLD / Sheer sweater - Jean Paul Gaultier.

Wool & Mohair Sweater - Gaultier SOLD / Hook & Eye Sweater - John Galliano SOLD

Shred-sleeved Sweater - Dior (SOLD) / Long Wool Cardigan - Attachment (SOLD)

Distressed Corduroy Jacket - Rick Owens / Newspaper Print Pants - John Galliano - SOLD.

Friday, January 15, 2010

If your boots could talk...

These size 40 vintage stompers have an extra special secret to them - they were once part of the personal collection of our favorite designer, Rick Owens. Is it any surprise that these acted as inspiration to him? We think that these would look just as amazing mounted on a shelf like a trophy as they would tearing through the streets of New York (or wherever you live!) Update: the boots are SOLD.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Do you like my Ver-sayce?"

We have Versace. Lots & lots & lots of Versace. Love it or leave it, IT demands your attention. From cashmere basics to embellished statement pieces, you can find it here. Please scroll down for a small sampling of what we have to offer.

Bow down to The Biker Bag. I mean - grommets, zippers, oversized stitching, and LASER-CUT PONY HAIR

Classic pieces, such as a patent V-insignia sleeveless sweater (left) & white sexy cowgirl chap-inspired lace-up skirt (right)

Almost subtle branding on these viscous croc embossed stilettos

"Please wear me to Miami!!! On a yacht!!! With a mimosa!!!"

If Kara Walker & Versace had a collaboration, it might look something like this silk printed button-down shirt. This is a detail shot of the back, believe me - the front is just as fabulous - SOLD.

Are you an ice queen or Nomi Malone? Then buy these shoes immediately.

A small teaser of perhaps the most lavish red carpet numbers to grace our floor. For more information on the pieces seen here or to view the rest of the items (there are more.) please contact us by email or pay a visit to the shop!

& some of our favorite moments of Versace

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